To inspire and enable a love for the outdoors.

Yonder’s history spans several years, at least two states, and countless fond memories, but its core mission has remained constant throughout: to inspire and enable a love for the outdoors

How do we at Yonder seek to fulfill that mission? By using the latest in technology and design to build thoughtfully-crafted products for those that seek truth in nature. Our roots lie in mobile software, as we believe strongly that the best community is the one that’s always nearby and ready to encourage adventure.

Yonder’s parent company, Active Interest Media, shares many of the same values, and its six divisions (the Outdoor Group, Equine Network, Home Group, Healthy Living Group, Marine Group, and Creative Home Group) all, at their heart, exist to bring disparate communities together. We invite you to explore the rest of what AIM has to offer.

Of course, as much as these words attempt to define Yonder, its true soul will always lie with the community that powers it. To existing Yonderers, we extend warm gratitude, and to our newest members, welcome!

Our Team

Worth Baker
Worth has been with Yonder since the very beginning, starting way back in 2012. Since then, he's changed jobs (intern -> lead developer), states (Vermont -> Colorado), and added a number of new outdoor hobbies (climbing, biking, backpacking, snowshoeing - anything to keep him off the couch). He makes a mean cup of coffee, preferably out of the back of his Subaru, and loves fulfilling Boulder stereotypes.
Eric Henderson
Eric “Hende” Henderson is a long time outdoor industry veteran. Hende is know for his walk-the-talk product knowledge and the unwaveringly positive attitude and enthusiasm that he brings to everything he does. He's a globally experienced ski-mountaineer, and can claim the only free heel descent of the Grand Teton’s Otter Body. In April, 2016, Hende joined AIM as the Sales Development Director where we works creatively with outdoor brands to share their stories and products.
Kassondra Cloos
Kassondra Cloos is both fun and funny, but she doesn't really know how to prove that so you'll have to take her word for it. She's originally from the tiniest state and will happily exhaust you with 'fun' facts about Rhode Island because you are probably too polite to tell her to stop. In addition to being a long-time Yonder user, Kassondra writes about travel and the outdoors, usually involving some kind of ridiculously long road trip from her home in Boulder. This bio was crowdsourced.
Leslie Barrett
Leslie is a self-proclaimed uptight free-spirit from the Northeast. After surviving a buttoned-up year in The Big Apple, she opted for trails over trains and ventured west to Boulder where she joined the Active Interest Media family in 2015. An avid peanut butter and jelly eater (strawberry jam and wheat, obvi), she can’t spend a day skiing or hiking without a sammy snack.